2016. április 25., hétfő


Real Causes People go Voting

Forced (by parents for example)

Causes People dont go Voting

Clear Minded
They have much better things to do
They are not against themselves

2015. november 30., hétfő

Interest and coexistence

Universal Interest is first (should be)
Global Interest is first too (should be)
National Interest should be the second (Unfortunately this is the 1st)

Family and Children Interest/Care is first (should be)
Society and National Interests should be the second (Unfortunately is 1st)

2015. október 22., csütörtök


I am happy about seeing that mankind, people started to acknowledge that spirituality and science are the same language, but I am not happy at all, that in a very misunderstood way, namely, they also mix it up with politics and shaded marketing strategies.

2015. szeptember 23., szerda

Information and Knowledge through:
I like the last one the most.
In fact by hearing and reading I don't really let in informations inside my body.
I believe the body has much more wisdom than all the books of the world written in all History and now

2014. június 3., kedd


Peace is not in the Heart. Not in the Mind. Peace Is! You dont have to create it; dont have to do nothing

2014. március 29., szombat

Solar and Universal System vs. Political Sys

Naturally Life itself has nothing to do with Politics and Militarism. Politics is not the Death, but its illness. A serious psychotic disease.

2013. december 13., péntek


In the beginning there was the Sound, the Music. The Divine Voice which said: Let there be light. Let there be World. (In hungarian: vilag, vilagossag, megvilagosodas) This is the tale of the Universe God is Music. Everything is Music. The Creator and the Whole process (then and after) is Music, Sound. Vibrations, Frequencies, Existence.